Telling Your Partner About Your HIV

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Telling your partner about your HIV

If there is one thing that might be more painful than being diagnosed with HIV, it has to be disclosing this information to your partner. Whether t is a new relationship or an old one, this process might be one of the most difficult tasks you will have to handle in your life. Though difficult, when you have the right tips, it will be easier and have better results.

You Need To Face The Fear

After the diagnosis, you will have to deal with a mixture of emotions from anger, hurt, disappointment, and fear. It is the fear that you will have to conquer first if you want to disclose your status to someone you love. You have to keep in mind that your relationship should be based on trust and your better half has to know about anything that affects them immediately. This will give them a chance to get tested and make a decision whether they want to be in the relationship on not. There are people who say that they use protection which eliminates the need for that awkward talk. However, if the intimacy in a relationship is increasing, it is important to have that conversation since there is always a risk of infection.

Have All The Necessary Information

Before you break the news about your infection, it is important that you find out as much as you can about the HIV infection. Some of the things you should focus on include diagnosis, transmission, testing, and treatment. When you have all the facts, you will be in a better position to answer all questions that your partner might have. You can get information from a HIV counselor who will also guide you on how to approach the whole disclosure task.

Yow Will Need To Choose The Time And Place

When you are planning to talk about your HIV infection, you will have to choose the right place and the right time. This should be a familiar place where you will feel relaxed. Make sure this is soon after you have composed yourself after the diagnosis. You should not wait too long because the more you delay, the harder the disclosure will be.

Go Straight To The Point

You can never go wrong with a direct, calm, and sincere approach. It is a good idea to start with the strengths of the relationship such as love and respect. Tell your partner you have HIV and tell them about the condition if necessary. Tell them that you have started or have been on treatment and how effective modern HIV medication is. You will also need to tell them that you respect whatever decision they will make after you tell them.

Be Prepared For The Reactions

You have to hope that your partner will be supportive but you also need to expect anything. Keep in mind that HIV is not an easy topic for most people and they might be worried. They might start thinking about many things within a short time and this means a mixture of reactions. In most cases, they will have an initial reaction which will not be permanent especially after they calm down and think things through. There are two ways to this; the disclosure will bring your relationship to a sudden halt, or it will make it strong. If the person leaves, at least you were strong enough to talk about your status. Your integrity will remain intact. In some cases, they might need some time to process things and you should be willing to let them absorb everything.

Tell Them To Get Tested

If they are willing to stay, it is a good idea that they get tested. You can suggest that they accompany you to your doctor or to a professional clinic. Here, they will have all their questions answered by a professional medical practitioner. Whether you both have HIV or you are the only positive one, you need medical advice. This is especially if you have decided to continue with the relations.

You Are Not Alone

In case your relationship comes to an end you should not give up on dating. This is because there many other people who might be willing to date you. Also, there are HIV dating sites where all members are positive. They are looking for positive singles to date and fall in love with. You are not alone.


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