Dating With HIV

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Dating with HIV, What you need to know!

Dating is a hard nut to crack for most people. Well, dating with HIV is more like attempting to solve advanced mathematical equation with a light basic arithmetic understanding. All of a sudden, you are supposed to leap from the foggy understanding to advance formulas and equations of your HIV status. Though having HIV does not make finding the perfect match easier, you might be better off with the following tips.

Having HIV Is Not A Big Deal

Dating with HIV

Learn dating with HIV

There was a time when having HIV was more or less a death sentence. That is decades ago. Today, having HIV is just like having another chronic disease. There is modern medicine that makes sure people living with HIV live longer healthier and happier lives. The most important element here is the fact that the viral load can be undetectable such that chances of transmissions are eliminated. When you are comfortable with your status, chances are the person you are dating will be more comfortable. You should not make it a big deal and you should not apologize for being positive

Go In Without Expectations

As you get back to the dating world, it is important that you remember that there is still a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding the infection. This means that there are people you might disclose your status to and they will run with the first opportunity they get. Keep in mind that it is better to be alone than to have a judgmental person. It does not really matter how lonely or sad you get when you are alone, remember that having a judgmental person is worse. If you disclose your status and the person does not seem to understand or acts like a jerk, count yourself lucky you did not get too far.

Try STD Dating Sites

If dating HIV negative people is not working for you or you are afraid of dealing with a few rejections, you might find HIV dating sites quite satisfying. These are sites that specifically focus on giving people living with lifelong STDs such as HIV a chance to find love again. The internet has come with a lot of benefits and one of them is online dating. This type of dating gives you a chance to date like minded people and does not have borders since you can find love miles away.

Benefits Of A HIV Dating Site

If you have tried dating an uninfected person and got rejected, you have an idea of how bad it feels when people judge you by your status. On A HIV dating website, no one will be judging you because you are positive since everyone is positive. The site just levels everything and gives you a chance to date without the anxiety of disclosing your status and the fear of rejection.

You Don’t Have to Have The Talk

Think about it, you will not need to meditate and think about how you will disclose your status to the person you are dating. There will be no need for those sleepless nights filled with thoughts of the reaction you will get. You just need to put yourself out there and experience a normal dating process. On an STD dating site, you will be mingling with people who know what it feels to be in your shoes and will not judge you for being positive. This makes everything easy and dating normal. Well, you might be rejected but this will be just like when you are dating without HIV. The rejection will be about you not being someone’s type and not about your HIV infection.

You Also Get Support

Apart from being on a dating platform where dating is not a judgmental affair, you will also be around like minded people who are willing to support each other. A good HIV dating website will have a community support system. This comes in form of a forum where you can share helpful information and learn from others. You can also ask questions and discuss your concerns with people who understand you.

Well, it is possible to be in a serodiscordant relationship. This is where a HIV positive person is in a relationship with a HIV negative person. If this is daunting for you, you can always go for HIV dating which is smoother and you will not have to deal with stigma and judgment based

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